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60km-class COFDM Mini Wireless Video Transmission System

Unmanned combat series

60km-class COFDM Mini Wireless Video Transmission System

    Product Attributes

    1.Highly integrated, modular combined design.
    2.Using COFDM modulation technology, H.265 encoding technology.
    3.Input/Output video: CVBS analog signal.
    4.It can simultaneously transmit one analog video signal and one-way data at a maximum rate of
    5.Low latency, minimum end-to-end delay of 100ms.
    6.Omni-directional communication, excellent diffraction performance. 
    7.High-speed inter-travel communication.
    8.Transmitter with heat-dissipating aluminum casing, shock-resistant, impact-resistant.
    9.Transmit power of 2W (default, other powers can be customized).
    10.Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) mobile transmission, ground transmission, when the transmission
    and reception height is 3 meters, the transmission distance is not less than 3Km, and the distance
    is not less than 60 km under visual conditions (with slight non-homogenic electromagnetic
    11.Maximum moving speed up to 600Km/ h (measured).
    12.The receiver provides synchronized output of high-definition video signal in multiple formats, with optional standard-definition output and image quality.
    13.The receiver can realize video recording and backup functions.
    14.128-bit AES encryption and decryption. 
    Full customization is available.

    Parameter Index-I

    Transmitter Model MAITE-9000
    Modes of Modulation and Constellation COFDM, QPSK(4QAM) / 16QAM / 64QAM(Factory default: QPSK)
    Operating Voltage DC11V~DC18V
    Operating Current 2.0W@≤1. 1A DC12V
    Encryption Mode 128 bit AES encryption
    Carrier Number 2K
    Frequency Bandwidth 2/3/4/5/6/7/8M adjustable (Factory set to 2MHz)
    Transmission Stream 1200kbs~20000kbs adjustable (Factory default is 1500kbs)
    Transmitting Power 2.0W (1W/3.5W/5W customizable)
    Transmission Frequency The frequency is adjustable from 170 MHZ to 900MHz, and the step is 100 KHZ (the default value is 1MHz). The system frequency needs to be customized
    Video Input CVBS: NTSC/ PAL
    Video coding format H.265
    Video delay End to end≤120ms
    Protection standard All-aluminum radiator type chassis, anti-rust, shockproof design
    Overall Dimension 67*48*23mm
    Weight Total ≤85g (2W output)

    Parameter Index-I

    MAITE-9000 Mini Standard Definition Wireless Video Transmission System
    Receiver Model MAITE - 9000
    Receiving frequency 170-900MHz VHF&UHF
    Frequency bandwidth 2/3/4/5/6/7/8MHz, Adjustable
    RF input level -94dBm to 0dBm(8M bandwidth)/-98dBm to 0dBm(2M bandwidth)
    RF input impedance 50Ω
    RF input connector SMA female head
    Demodulation mode COFDM
    Constellation mode QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM (Optional)
    Number of carriers 2k
    Video decoding H.265
    Screen aspect ratio 4:3/16:9
    Video output HDMI+CVBS
    Operating voltage DC12V <0.3A
    Operating temperature  -35℃~+80℃
    Appearance size 136mm * 115mm * 35mm, non-standard all-aluminum housing