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Digital Pulse Electronic Harmonic Radar Electronic Device   Detector

Communication control series

Digital Pulse Electronic Harmonic Radar Electronic Device Detector

1) It can detect all kinds of electronic devices and equipment in both working and non-working conditions.

2) Excellent environmental adaptability: Based on dynamic threshold processing mechanism with background learning during power-on.

3) Low false alarm and missed detection rate: Utilizes harmonic fuzzy recognition algorithm and self-learning algorithm.

4) Convenient software operation: It adopts Android operating system with touchscreen LCD display.

5) Ergonomic handheld design is adopted.

    Product Appearance


    Product Introduction

    The system is based on the nonlinear properties of semiconductor components and metal contact points in electronic devices, which reflect electromagnetic waveforms. It aims to develop a portable and intelligent frequency-modulated continuous wave nonlinear node detector capable of detecting electronic devices and metal devices. The research includes the design of radar waveform generators and transmitters, harmonic receivers, antenna arrays, signal processing circuits, and display control components. The ultimate goal is to create an operational and practical nonlinear node detector. Through this research, it is possible to enhance China's counter-surveillance and counter-monitoring capabilities, as well as improve the military's ability to detect underground unexploded devices.

    The electronic device detector can be widely applied in venues and facilities related to government, public security, prisons, military, education, electronic factories, and other relevant departments. It serves as a tool for ensuring personal and facility security, maintaining confidentiality, and conducting counter-terrorism security checks.

    The electronic device detector is a handheld application of harmonic radar technology. It offers high sensitivity, low false alarm rate, strong anti-interference capability, stable operation, compact size, lightweight, optimized human-machine interaction interface, and easy operation. It can detect various electronic products and metal objects in both powered on and powered off states. This includes items such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, USB devices, storage cards, memory sticks, SIM cards, RFID devices, various types of cameras, wiretapping devices, wireless bugs, various recording devices, electronic modules, components, and other electronic devices.

    Functional Features

    1.The device is handheld, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and easy to operate.
    2.It operates in a dual-transmitter and dual-receiver mode, providing high speed, efficiency, resistance to interference, sensitivity, and low false alarm rate.
    3.The harmonic fuzzy recognition algorithm and self-learning algorithm minimize false alarms and missed detections.
    4.The product can detect various electronic devices and equipment in both working and non-working states.
    5.It operates in pulse power mode to minimize energy consumption.
    6.It offers user-friendly settings with audible and visual alarms.
    7.The device features an ergonomic design with a lightweight, high-strength integrated engineering shell.
    8.The telescopic probe design is quick and convenient.
    9.It has a touch-screen LCD display for easy operation.
    10.It has unique features such as simultaneous WiFi and data interface transmission capabilities, as well as data packet storage and screenshot functions. It can be customized for data storage and transmission modes based on user requirements.

    System Components

    1 Electronic device detector 1
    2 Headphones 1
    3 Battery 2
    4 Power adapter 1
    5 Standard targets 1
    6 TF card 1
    7 User maintenance manual 1
    8 Quality certification 1

    Performance Indicators

    1.Detection distance: ≥2000mm (PN junction standard target)
    2.Penetration capability: Can penetrate concrete or brick walls with a thickness of 500mm (PN junction standard target)
    3.Dimensions: ≤500mm (overall length of the device after telescoping the probe)
    ≥1200mm (overall length of the device after extending the probe)
    4.Weight: ≤1.5kg (excluding battery)
    5.Power supply: Rechargeable batteries (2)
    6.Battery life: 4 hours (per individual battery)

    Application Scenarios

    1.Government headquarters, national data centers
    2.Military command centers and secure meeting venues
    3.Large military-industrial enterprises and units with high levels of classified knowledge products
    4.Prison systems for detecting illegal possession of mobile phones
    5.Airport security checks for rapid detection of various electronic devices
    6.Electronic component manufacturing factories for detecting high-value electronic components and products
    7.Government agencies, judicial and law enforcement agencies, research institutes, high-tech enterprises, and other highly classified confidential units
    8.Education examination systems for detecting various cheating communication electronic devices