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Multi-scene SMS/Information Broadcasting System

Communication control series

Multi-scene SMS/Information Broadcasting System

The multi-scene information broadcasting system is a device that enables mass SMS broadcasting. This product can be applied to various scenarios, such as large indoor and outdoor performances, speeches, meetings, gatherings, and election campaigns, where it can be used to send mass SMS messages. It can also serve as a tool for advertising campaigns. Additionally, this product can be used as an emergency response device. In crowded public areas, it can send mass SMS messages to notify and guide people in case of emergencies.

    Product Introduction

    1)This device can capture phone numbers of mobile phones within its coverage range, redirect them to 2G parallel SMS delivery, and allows for arbitrary editing of SMS numbers and contents.
    2) The portable information broadcaster for 2G/4G/5G (NSA) networks, supports information collection and sending for China Mobile and China Unicom 2G/4G/5G (NSA) standard users.
    3) Built-in high-gain directional antenna, flexible and adjustable coverage range, small size, lightweight, convenient for deployment, and practical. It can push information to China Mobile/China Unicom users within the coverage area and supports mobile APP control.
    4) The portable information broadcaster for 2G/4G/5G (NSA) networks can be used for various purposes such as wilderness search and rescue, emergency response and disaster relief unified command, and psychological warfare in the military.

    Product Features

    1)Utilizes software-defined radio technology
    Simultaneously sends target reconnaissance information on each carrier activated by the operators, covering commonly used carrier frequency bands in the live network of operators, including China Mobile B3/B38/B39/B40/B41, China Unicom B1/B3, China Mobile and China Unicom GSM 900, meeting the requirements of different regional areas, and capable of collecting 5G (NSA) terminals.

    2)Utilizes high-bandwidth linear power amplifier
    It ensures that linear amplification of broadband signals can be maintained on different carriers, significantly reducing the size of the equipment.

    3) Utilizes multi-array element broadband antenna
    Ensures high gain and narrow beamwidth for the antenna on each frequency band of the public network, greatly improving the efficiency of data collection. All array antennas for different frequency bands are built-in, providing good concealment and significantly simplifying operation.

    4) One-click mass messaging
    It can be operated by a single person, you can use a mobile APP to operate the device and complete the mass messaging of information. It is simple to use and quick to get started.

    Product Parameters

    Model QFQ-9000Bx(Portable)
    S/N Items Parameters
    1 Operating Frenquency 4G LTE B1 1940-1965/2130-2155MHz
    B3 1710-1765/1805-1860MHz
    B38/41 2515-2675MHz
    B39 1880-1920MHz
    B40 2320-2370MHz
    2G GSM China Mobile 889-904/934-949MHz
    China Unicom 904-915/949-960MHz
    2 Power Maximum output power of 1W per carrier, adjustable power range of 17-30dB.
    3 Collected Content IMSI 2G/4G
    4 IMEI 2G standards for China Mobile,China Unicom, and China Telecom.
    5 Coverage Range Adjustable from 0.2 to 100 meters (subject to macro network environment)
    6 Scanning Capacity 1000 users per minute per carrier.
    7 Capture Performance Pedestrian target: Speed < 5km/h, stay within 10 meters of the base station for 1 second; capture rate > 98% (subject to macro network environment).
    8 Automatic Parameter Configuration Supports SON (Self-Organizing Network) automatic parameter configuration or manual parameter configuration
    9 Character count of the information Less than 500 characters (English Language)
    10 Whitelist Support
    11 Control Method PC/Host computer or mobile phone APP.
    12 Data Export Supports export of captured number data.
    13 Sensitivity of Receiving Information ≤-102dBm
    14 Interface GSM scanning and WiFi, debugging RJ45 Ethernet port.
    15 Maximum Power Consumption <150W
    16 Weight 9 kg
    17 Capacity 310*270*110 mm (without packaging); 495*400*250 mm ( with packaging).
    18 Power Adapter Input:AC 220V,Output:DC 12V 15A
    19 Enviromental Requirements -20℃~+40℃,5%~98%