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Chuanghui's Customers from Hong Kong Police Headquarters


Chuanghui's Customers from Hong Kong Police Headquarters

2024-05-24 00:00:00

On April 18, Global Sources Electronic Exhibition was grandly held in Hong Kong Asia International Expo Center. Chuanghui received customers from Hong Kong Police Headquarters, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Romania, South Africa, Mauritius, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bulgaria, Russia, Chile, Türkiye and other places around the world, who get close contact with Chuanghui's core products.

At the scene, the AI psychological screening system caused a strong interest from representatives from the Hong Kong Police HQ. They experienced on-site testing and expressed great satisfaction with the product's effectiveness, giving high praise. As a tool for handling cases, the AI psychological screening system can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of police work. The representatives expressed interest in purchasing and looked forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship in the future.

During the exhibition, Chuanghui's core products have successfully attracted the attention of customers from all over the world. They stopped to test and observe, consult and exchange ideas, and gave high praise to the performance, quality, accuracy, convenience, and market prospects of the product. Many customers have expressed their desire to maintain close contact with Chuanghui and further explore cooperation matters.

This exhibition has shown Chuanghui Company the enormous potential from overseas markets, providing broad space for the development of Chuanghui. Chuanghui will fully utilize the opportunity of this exhibition, strengthen contact and cooperation with global customers, continuously expand overseas markets, enhance brand influence and market competitiveness.